Interior Design Packages

Let us help design the space that you’ve always dreamed of..

New Construction

This package is for our client that only needs selections on all interior and exterior finishes attached to the structure(s). This includes paint, plumbing, lighting, hardware, windows, doors, trim, cabinets, and flooring. Time spent with the contractor, subcontractor, and client will be unlimited (subject to scheduling availability) until project is complete. Additional services are billed at an hourly rate unless otherwise noted. This does not include any decorative services.

Flat Rate

This package is billed by the square foot to complete and fully design entire home from start to finish without having to worry about an hourly rate. This can be done per level, example: upstairs or downstairs. Our design team will develop an overall concept style for the home as specified. Colors, fabrics, and furniture styles are selected. Space plans and window treatment designs are provided for all areas that are needed. Time spent with the contractor, subcontractor, and client will be unlimited (subject to scheduling availability) until project is complete. Our design team will assist in selection of all interior and exterior finishes, artwork, rugs, furniture, and accessories. Our team will oversee furniture and window treatment installations and placement of accessories. The client will be billed additional for contract labor such as window treatments, faux finishes, and any tangible items to be purchased.

Fixed Rate

This package is based on our client’s budget per room. One of the biggest misconceptions about designers is that by hiring one you are kissing your budget goodbye. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Be honest and realistic about finances from the get-go to get the best results.

From Deborah Rosetti: “I don’t blow your budget. The number I’m given is the number I use, and I’m respectful that my clients want to stay within a certain range. I will make the most of your budget. However, I also won’t work with a budget that is too small or unrealistic for the client’s goals. No one is happy at the end of that scenario.

“I talk with my clients about their expectations and what they have to spend. $10,000 goes a lot farther in a room that is furnished but needs accessories, than it does in an empty room that needs everything. We talk about ways to save and where to splurge. I also have to keep in mind labor (painters, etc.), tax, shipping, delivery fees, storage, and even small things like drapery hardware.


Hourly Rate

This package is designed for our clients that have smaller projects and are billed by the hour. This fee is charged based on the amount of actual time expended by our Design team on a project or specific services. A retainer fee is required to begin the initial project. All fees will be deducted from the retainer. The client can select what part of a project that he or she would like to have completed. This gives the client the opportunity to do as much or as little as he or she prefers to do.